Serbien: Autobahn-Blockade nach Schusswaffenangriffen

BELGRAD, SERBIEN 12. MAI 2023 QUELLE: AFPTV 1. Heranzoomen dirst protester halts the traffic on a motorway in Belgrade 2. Halbnahe thousands of protesters walk towards the motorway 3. Halbnahe beginning of the blockade of the motorway by protesters 4. Abwärts-Einstellung the crowd at the protest 5. O-TON 1 - Snezana Nikolic, economist (Frau, 47 Jahre alt, Serbian, 13 Sek.): "We need to get back to true values when it comes to the media. This doesn't have anything to do with politics or political situation, as far as I'm concerned. It has everything to do with the media and what is presented to children." 6. O-TON 2 - Zdravko Jankovic, activist (Mann, 48 Jahre alt, Serbian, 22 Sek.): "I felt the need to come here because of my children and because I want to live in Serbia without violence. I don’t think that what president is doing contributes to lowering tensions or solving the current situation. I think he is one of, if not the only source and main culprit of all violence happening in this country." 7. Zwischenschnitt: Heranzoomen demonstrator carrying a banner that reads "We do not want violence" 8. Zwischenschnitt: Heranzoomen tens of thousands of demonstrators march through Belgrade streets 9. Zwischenschnitt: Heranzoomen demonstrators block the motorway bridge 10. Totale banner that reads "Serbia without violence" 11. Halbnahe demonstrators 12. Totale demonstrators march in silence 13. Totale tens of thousands of protesters on Belgrade streets